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trading ✔ The Truth About Binary Option Trading 2014

The Truth About Binary Option TradingThe Truth About Binary Option Trading

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  1. Binary options is same than playing red/black in roulette.

  2. I agree with you. I want to say that The Binary matrix pro is one of the
    best product in binary trading, its signals is more than 80% accuracy.

  3. I just want her to shut the fuuuuuck up lol

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  5. I just tryed it and I made a lot of gain I also got the trade calculator

  6. This is a very stupid review. “maybe I have a chance at this” clearly you
    just don’t cut it, and therefore have no idea of what the hell you are
    talking about 

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  8. Binary option is the best for them online users who is really eager to earn
    through binary trading.Binary Option is very profitable way to make money

  9. You should definitely read Barron Keith’s information on binary options. No
    gambling or guessing.

  10. i dont think you know much about this,i made over $500 in a day and when
    converted into nigerian currency thats a lot compared to what some people
    make a whole month.

  11. You are obviously not practicing right. You are probably just betting up
    and down and not working with a strategy. People this is only her opinion

  12. Binary Option Trading is a very popular and profitable way for earning
    money from may also try by other products that you give you more
    profit within few please lets try below link with free video

  13. Piglatinsuperstar

    this lady doesnt know what she’s talking about. she has no experience in
    trading. That’s why she has no practical advice to give, and ends up

    I use two indicator- bollinger bands with a moving average in between the
    upper and lower, & parabolic stop and reverse. Use five minute candles.

    If you go long (by a call), the parabolic stop and reverse must be trending
    upwards along WITH the trendline of the bollinger bands. The bands must
    form an upwards channel and the candles must be above the moving average
    (middle line)

    this will increase your chances and the reverse is true if you want to go
    short – all must show downward directions with the candles below the moving
    average. stay no more than 10-15 minutes or risk having the market turn
    against you

  14. I must ask you, Have you ever tried investing with Knox Binary Options
    Trading? (do a Google search)? I have heard some incredible things about it
    and my Financial Advisor got great profitable results with it in weeks. 

  15. It’s not about luck actually. You’re explaining it wrong. If you don’t
    wanna gamble or if you’re not feeling lucky, just pick a
    Stock/Commodity/Whatever that’s obviously going up continuously. Or, like
    most people, you could just learn to Analyse Charts. When you know how to
    analyse charts and you know where going on, then it’s not even close to

  16. You do know that all currency trading and trading stocks is guessing
    right?? You don’t have to go get people to sign up for nothing. I’m not
    saying its bad because im also in wake up now. Bianary options trading
    still goes by the same news and indicators as normal forex trading and
    there are 30 minute trades to 1 day trades. You are not giving the complete
    information. How do you know if the EUR/USD going to go up or down. you
    look at the news and other indicators and make a guess. You seem to not
    have a understanding of trading in stocks and currencies. 

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