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trading ✔ Pivot Point Strategy – Trade Binary Options 2014

Pivot Point Strategy – Trade Binary OptionsPivot Point Strategy - Trade Binary Options

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  1. when you tried the 60 second method did you use your own strategy or did yo
    use the rapid fire method.

  2. Hi Ragedmaximus, I actually did 🙂 !! Browse my channel. It’s one of my
    earlier videos. Mike

  3. Hi zTJellyTv, thanks for the comment! I actually made a video on the 60
    seconds feature on my channel as well as other feature offered on Binary
    Options platform and basically from my own experience and others
    experiences the 60 seconds turned out a gamble, as most investors actually
    prefer to trade on an hourly basis. Keep in mind that you can always step
    into the trade for up to 5 minutes before expiry, therefore you don’t have
    to actually wait for an hour. Check into Option+ Feature…Mike

  4. Don’t hesitate to email if you need help with anything or if you come up
    with any other questions. Have a great week!

  5. Hey mike i am wondring what site u use to tarde on and dose it have 60
    second tradeing.

  6. Alejandro Morales

    when i do the calculator do i put the numbers for the week, month, years?
    sorry it might be stupid question im trying to do everything right thanks
    for your help!

  7. Hi Jment34, commodities and stocks are a safer choice. I would focus on Oil
    or Gold if you are starting out. Email me if you need some help with
    anything. Mike

  8. mike whats you e mail address. I am new to this have no clue about bianary.
    I am taking your advice. starting with 1k on anyoption. Just give me some
    idea they mention some thing like manager on anyoption like helping me
    trade? i am fron usa.

  9. Hi Steve, thank you for the comment. I actually did review the One Touch
    Feature, I never liked it because it’s not live, you don’t get to see
    what’s happening until expiry and it’s long term. I think I only heard once
    or twice about traders profiting from the feature. On Sunday some brokers
    will offer Middle East Assets like Tel Aviv and Dubai and you can trade
    live, otherwise I recommend waiting for Monday, One Touch also requires
    large investments per each trade with higher risk. Cheers!Mike

  10. Steve Toganivalu

    Hey Mike, what do you think of the ONE TOUCH option. would you recommend
    it. F SO WHAT WOULD BE A SAFE TRADE?. Sorry if this is off the subject of
    your video. Cheers.

  11. hi mike thanx for the strategy.

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