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trading ✔ My Best Binary Options Strategy for Gold!! 2014

My Best Binary Options Strategy for Gold!!My Best Binary Options Strategy for Gold!!

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  1. Great video i check this strategy. Finaly i will be know how to trade gold.

  2. Very helpful Michael thank you. Always quality stuff from you.

  3. Mike, I emailed you a few days ago about joining your signals group. Could
    you please reply. Another great video, thanx! I appreciate your

  4. Is spotoption a bad broker to sign up with Michael?

  5. Brilliant!!

    Absolutely brilliant Michael! I never knew this about gold and this video
    was a total eye opener!! Please keep up the good work! I’m going to spread
    the word around about you, you seem like the one guy who actually cares
    about traders, whether they are complete strangers or not! I am signing up
    with your trading group as well and will be looking forward to your Gold
    trading signals! I recently watched your MACD indicator video as well,
    absolutely mind-blowing and extremely informative! Thank you for your hard
    work and I can’t wait to get started with you!!



  6. Great Video! Explained so well, I now understand how I can make some decent
    money with the Binary Options Strategy. Thank you so much.

  7. Great Michael i feel your gold trades are my biggest profit winner. As you
    know i have been messaging you many times on your gold trades. So i will
    say it here, “Guys Michael is the real deal” “VERIFIED” thank you so much
    for this video lee

  8. nice video michael. hope u keep us sending some more winnning gold signals!

  9. Hi Michael,
    I’ve been observing the gold chart the last week. What’s your take on golds
    recent down turn this past week. What reasons are there for this and when
    would you expect it to start rising again?

  10. Thanks bro, strategy is f*%king amazing!

  11. What is the symbol for gold. On freestockcharts there is so many gold code.
    Thanks again mike. 

  12. Annie Marie Peters

    You are a great teacher, Michael. I like the idea of being able to focus
    on gold in small amounts. I’m really looking forward to digging into your

  13. Michael what do you think about ubinary?

  14. I have always been a fan of gold as an investment. I am anxious to give
    your gold strategy a try for binary trading.

  15. Hello Michael how can to receive you signals? 

  16. Thanks for the useful tips, Mike! You gave me inspiration to do some gold
    digging (: 

  17. Hi Michael Nice video, i sent you an email yesterday and i haven’t gotten a
    reply. thanks. 

  18. Fantastic video – I’d really love to give this strategy a go! I’ll give it
    a try and be sure to email you with any questions. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I had no idea that uncertainty was such a powerful tool to be used when
    trading gold! For the trained eye, this is something easy to spot like what
    you said about 2011 and the uncertainty from that period.

    Also did not know that when the US dollar under-performs Gold goes up! I’m
    really learning a lot of golden nuggets from your videos! I would be so
    happy to actually be able to see a little bit into the future next time
    they lower interest rates and know that the price of Gold is about to go up!

    I also read the article about the MACD indicator and found it very “eye
    opening”! I actually feel that I (a total beginner) can do this! You
    explained things quite well so thanks, Michael!

  20. hey nice videos.. keep them coming, what do you think about worldmarkets
    broker, i dont have much money to start but i heard that this guys are low
    to trade and to deposit about $20.. let me know thanks and best regards

  21. You are so correct about how uncertainty can have a dramatic effect on

  22. Checkout my favorite GOLD binary options strategy and for the complete
    article visit

  23. Great video, thanks for posting!

  24. How do i get the signals from u that u give to ppl

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