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trading ✔ MACD Strategy for Binary Options 2014

MACD Strategy for Binary OptionsMACD Strategy for Binary Options

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  1. Learn how to trade binary options with the MACD + Gold Strategy!

  2. Hey Michael!

    This is a great video!!! I have been looking forward to expanding my
    knowledge on trading indicators for a long time now and one that I have
    always been stuck on has been the MACD indicator. This video helped me
    understand the basics and the principles of this strategy so I thank you
    for that! I can’t wait to look forward to applying this indicator into a
    trading strategy! You are an inspirational and a phenomenal public figure
    doing everyone a service by helping us! Thank you so much for your help,
    dedication and strong will to make everyone better!



  3. I’ve both read your Gold Strategy article and viewed your other Gold
    Strategy video, and I have to say that after taking a look at your posts
    I’ve really been enlightened! The MACD indicator definitely seems like the
    ideal one for the job, and I’m sure that using it will reap many rewards
    for binary options traders. Thanks for posting!

  4. Michael, thank you so much for explaining the MACD strategy, found this
    very very interesting. Going to give it a try!

  5. Marketing Interactive

    Great Video as usual ! very professional and its no wonder you have
    thousands of satisfied followers from all over the world. 

  6. Why not use freestockcharts? I think that it is you that how to use one
    side of the charts do not use any other. I use this with macd and smi
    ergotic indicator. Also i like use netdania charts because I can precisely
    set supp and ress level.

  7. The MACD indicator is going to be of great help to me in the near future
    because I am pretty sure I will open at least a demo account to start
    trading. I want to actually learn how to use this indicator and get a feel
    of what it means to be a trader. I will, at first, play with virtual money
    until I learn the ropes and then I will probably open a real account with
    real money on the line.

    I feel binary options are so much better than Forex so isn’t everybody
    doing this? The risks are lower because the investment is smaller, so why
    are so many still investing in Forex instead of buying binary options?

  8. Great video, Michael!

  9. I have been reading a lot about buy signals and trading strategies, and I
    appreciate your videos, Mike, because you make things seem do-able for a
    newbie like myself. For someone who is just getting started with binary
    options, do you think gold is a good commodity to explore, or would you
    recommend beginning with something else?

  10. hey mike nice video, can u please reply to my email that i have sent you
    regarding some questions about binary options trading?

  11. Another solid strategy Michael. You are consistently sharing great
    strategies and this MACD strategy is another outstanding one. I’m so glad
    that I’m subscribed to your channel. Keep the amazing content coming!

  12. Interesting strategy. I’m going to look into a little more. 

  13. thank you soo much brother mike i was looking for this from past few weeks
    and i have learn in this video very will about MACD
    thanks brother:) 

  14. Annie Marie Peters

    Finally! I’ve been searching for an overview of the MACD indicator. Thank
    you so much for the great explanation and strategy! 

  15. thanks for the videos, really help nicely done

  16. I use to trade only currencies, but you convinced me to give gold a try.

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