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trading ✔ Is Binary Options a scam? Setting the record straight! 2014

Is Binary Options a scam? Setting the record straight!Is Binary Options a scam? Setting the record straight!

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  1. So many scammers out there, you never know what’s legit or not. Glad to
    hear that Binary Options is on the up and up. Binary trading is extremely
    intriguing. Hopefully I’ll get good at it, but your videos are really
    helping me a lot.

  2. What time frame do you recommend for newbie to trade with?

  3. You mention that the odds are slightly against us. Does that mean that we
    will lose more often than we win? So it’s not a reliable way to make

  4. I think you really covered some good topics here, you have to be so careful
    these days with what people say. awesome video keep up the good work.

  5. The only thing I’m concerned about is what exactly are people trading &
    investing to make this all work??? If you could answer this It’d be very
    appreciated. Thanx

  6. Lakenzie Mayweather

    Hey Micahel, thanks for the video. I heard about binary option and I’m
    find a better way to not rely on ONE SOURCE OF INCOME, like my less paying
    job that’s not gonna take care of me FINANCIALLY for the rest of my life.
    I’m still new and clueless about binaryoptions in the US and needs to learn
    more. How much does it cost to start up and what’s the base website to go
    to? Plus I’m gonna subscribe to your videoes asap!

  7. Thanks for video. What do you think about Optionprime? I’ve chatted to them
    asking if they’re a broker, they said they’re not, they’re only a binary
    option trading website.

  8. Thank you for your honesty, there is so much hype out there regarding
    binary trading and your knowledge is appreciated 

  9. Hello Michael, can you please answer these Stockpair questions. Thanks!
    1.) I started an account back in January, are USA members still allow to
    trade? But no new members?
    2) Do we have to file our profit as a tax when we withdraw?
    3) What is the maximum bid we can place per trade? Does that depend on what
    level of account we have, silver, gold, plat, etc?

  10. Great Video. Message me some info 

  11. I found that, You search for binary options on google & scam always comes
    up.You click on the link but in the actual add or blog theres no mention
    of a scam.

  12. I believe you Michael. Binary Options is not a scam, it’s the real deal.
    And like Tony Dunn said, it seems that the sites saying it’s a scam, are
    actually bad sites themselves, or so by what I’ve seen. 

  13. Its not a scam at all. The people who claim this are completely ignorant or
    are trying to make money like you mentioned. Binary Options is all about

  14. EH man Thanks that the video help 

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