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trading ✔ Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals – Part 1 2014

Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals – Part 1Franco's Binary Options Trading Signals - Part 1

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  1. Estonian Trader

    Testing Franco’s Binary Option Trading Signals. View the video here Franco’s
    Binary Options Trading Signals – Part 1

  2. I had to see what all the fuss was and after seeing with with REAL money
    how he made so much from using his TOP secret binary software.
    Felt sceptical, but had nothing to lose so I tried it.
    You can even check out google plus for information?

  3. what program is he using on that screen??

  4. I don’t understand much of this…
    Is it easy to learn?
    Also, you just trade with small amounts, is it possible to trade with $10
    on each trade and make much more?
    His mic is really bad too, does have a new one? :D

  5. Hey franco is the most honest and best binary trader out there!!!!! I’ve
    personally made close to 500k in one year with him, my user name on his
    sight is dave23/ or rice, I’m on holidays at the moment from the room due
    to how much money I’ve made and on a world trip, ill be back in the room
    soonish, just watch franco go nuts when i get back!!! he knows me as a
    star trader

  6. How can i join that webinar session ?

  7. I’m in Canada and can’t access his website. Are Canadians not allowed to
    use his services? D:

  8. Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn

    I was thinking just to follow Franco as he himself places trades. I a video
    he said that he would give 5-6 signals per week.
    Whats is Francos personal accuracy rate? Is it possible to make profit
    just by following him?

  9. Thanks for this. It really helped and I joined Franco’s signals today.
    Awesome guy and very good services.

  10. Helloo,can you explain me whats those pink and white arrows means?and also
    whats mean that blue line,and for example: 1 minute chart the window up on
    the left– if I will see the pink or white arrow then what to do?please
    answer thx

  11. Does his service still still freeze and lag? When i traded with him, i
    would be 5-10 sec late. And everyone knows each sec counts 

  12. hi, are you still using this system? If yes, how is it going? Thanks

  13. please am already fund a broker Boss capital binary options broker.can i
    used it and is it compatible to your signals.i think it is because in
    reviews it is said a broker who offers 60 seconds 5/15 minutes and touch
    and no touch options is eligible.can i use your signals with boss capital
    binary options broker.

  14. unbelievable the strategy i bought for $1700USD is now free…. i am making
    so much money using this software..just 3days ago i referred someone and he
    was told is now free…don’t waist your money go and apply for this
    software u can withdraw your profit even with bonuses without stress. the
    promo will soon end…if u want me to refer you to them mail

  15. Hi Why don’t the live chat or e mail support work

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