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trading ✔ Binary Options Live Trade Signals! 2014

Binary Options Live Trade Signals!Binary Options Live Trade Signals!

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  1. When I do not trade Binary Options…. I make passive residual income from
    home with other online programs like this! Yep!
    Checks in the mail or prepaid debit cards sent to me with my commissions
    on them! I have other videos on this that shows the proof! I am currently
    working on one of the best programs that I have ever seen called
    DSDomination. Just send me a message here on you tube, or leave your
    email, and I will get you in! I would love to have you on my Great Team of
    people making Money from home! Thanks! Dave

  2. what is the time according to india?

  3. Gediminas Dirmontas

    have it be 24 option platform only, or i can have diferent one and hear
    answer sombody

  4. I use TradeRush and 24 options.

  5. Hi, i am wanting to sign up for this service but have a few questions and
    cant seem to get a reply from the contact us on the website…am i able to
    speak with you? Thanks Mandy

  6. Is the company USA based or overseas? I’m new to the industry and doing my
    due diligence. The video a side what are trade signals exactly? I saw one
    comment about trade rush,what’s that? Again I’m trying to get educated.
    Thanks for time and patience.

  7. Yes!

  8. how many trades do you get each trading session?

  9. This is the most profitable and highly fulfilled success i have ever had in
    trading after so many years of huge lost to trade, thanks to you Mrs Nuela
    Peters for your strategy and guidelines you aided me to trade with which
    had made me very successful. now i can pay up my bills, my kids fees and
    even have enough to invest in trade to enable me gain more profit . on
    behalve of my family i pray that God will bless you immensely, for more
    information mail via ( .

  10. Hi Dave i would like to add you as friend on skype for some questions. But
    there are a lot of Dave on skype, so i ca not find which one you are. What
    city are you? Thank you

  11. could i use say 2-3 brokers for this. thus maximizing my profits with it.
    Why make money through one broker when you could be doing it through a few.
    I guess you’d have to be quick with your bets though and not fall behind
    everyone else

  12. Dave, I’m very interested in the subscriptio/service you refer to in this
    vid. Can we talk by email?

  13. omg this music is so foking annoying

  14. Hello Dave, can I joy your grup?

  15. Can Cedar Finance be used with this? Is there a list of recommended brokers?

  16. ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※

    What hours is Franco trading these days?

  17. Yes!

  18. Hi Filipe, Use the link below my video to join Franco’s Binary options
    trading room! Thank you! Dave

  19. Can trade rush be used with this system

  20. I hear Franco wins along the order of 80 percent of his trades, looking
    forward to subscribing this month

  21. I logged in with Franco this morning while the market seemed to be stalled
    and flushing… I was in the trade room from 10:30AM til 11:15 AM EST, and
    did 7 winning 60 second trades on the eur/usd……

  22. I want to continue using BDB but 24 Option has the option of getting up to
    5 minutes left on the trade and BDB does not offer that. So I would assume
    that I would have to go with 24 option if I want to use this service. right?

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