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trading ✔ Binary Options Exposed 2014 – Is Binary Options Worth The Risk Or Is Binary Option Trading A Scam? 2014

Binary Options Exposed 2014 – Is Binary Options Worth The Risk Or Is Binary Option Trading A Scam?Binary Options Exposed 2014 - Is Binary Options Worth The Risk Or Is Binary Option Trading A Scam?

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  1. Video was informative… I trade Binary options… I won’t try to sell
    anyone on the idea that they can get rich… Don’t believe the hype…
    BUT… Like you said, if you do your research you can be profitable. And
    yes I do spend a couple of hours a day on the computer watching the graphs
    of the platform I use. DO NOT fall for the 60 second trade!!! YOU will
    loose $$$ VERY QUICKLY! I personally use the close of day strategy. I
    make my “bets” (because that is literally what it is) on where the market
    will close at for the day. Will the price of the asset (I like GOLD) be
    higher or lower, than the “strike” price, I purchase my option for. I
    advise ANYONE who is considering this, to get a FREE demo account first. I
    use (markets world), they have demo acct. become familiar with the
    platform first. make small “bets” I don’t go over $25. BE PATIENT!!! My
    strategy is simple, WAIT until your asset drops a decent percent below what
    it closed at the previous day, then make a “CALL” meaning that at the end
    of the day, it will close higher then your “strike” price. When I was
    finally ready to make the jump, I invested with $200.00. KNOWING that I
    could LOOSE IT ALL. However, because I started first with a demo account,
    I felt comfortable. I have been successful. in 8 day’s I have turned
    $200.00 into, $1600.00. NOT GOING TO GET RICH, but…. I can be

  2. how do i start

  3. i think its waste of money..u have to be right like 70 percent of the
    time..atleast more than 55% or u will end up in loss..this is very hard to
    achieve. because target price is fixed and time is also fixed..its like
    pure gambling…i will stick with my forex and stocks..

  4. you my friend are a dickhead!! this is a SXAM!! I have been waiting 3 weeks
    and 4 days to get my money back and now no one will answer my complaints or
    requests for support. YOU ARE ALSO part of this scam now by posting your
    youtube videos.

  5. Did she just try to sell me something rather than exposing?

  6. OObi Doobie Panoobie

    Ty< I was looking at Bee trading and I saw WAAAAY DEEEEEP in the fine print about how If You even did make some good money that when You withdraw it, You give them between 35 to 50% of it to them to get any of it, and You pay all the taxes on it as income. I could smell the Rat do do from my computer screen, It just took me a while to find out how far in the hole the Rat was hiding.

  7. I just made the mycashfreebies and mycashnewbies acc

    you are required to complete 1 offer to make your first $10

    unfortunately under the “trial offers” out of the current 26 offers theres
    only 2 that are free and those 2 offers don’t even give you 1 full credit
    it only gives 0.30 lol

    even if it isn’t a complete scam its a waste of time I just tested it

    binary options is bullshit and so is this womans offer

  8. don’t buy anything form these sites,its all horse shit,,the only way to
    make money from binary options is to understand the market,if you don’t
    have an understanding of the market and how it works then don’t put your
    money into binary options,the only ones that will be laughing all the way
    to the bank will be the brokers

  9. I’ve met a lady here in Brazil that after intense research on this finally
    hit the home run. The key is to get educated on this as much as possible
    and find a reputable broker.Anyway, This system does work!!! 

  10. Please don’t go in the market without basic knowledge. Options are complex
    and need math skills. Trader mostly use options for hedging purpose.
    Speculator use bloomberg terminal ( 2000$ per month) have research team and
    financial analyst. Options is a zero sum games. What a party win, the other
    loses. The competition is fierce.
    For those interested, read “Options, futures and other derivatives”
    Risk come from not knowing what your doing.

  11. hi can u share what broker can be trusted. I am seeing many scams these day.
    i like to learn how to trade but i need a right broker. Hope u can help.

  12. U need to use 1st of all and have a solid strategy
    along with good chart analysis, and u can do fine in binary options..seems
    to me like u may just be trading in impulse or what u think u see instead
    of applying real chart analysis and using a good charting software or
    website to view candle stick charts/price action and clear trends.

  13. Piglatinsuperstar

    there really isnt that much to it like she says and you dont need mentors

  14. I think this lady is stupid as for trading. There is pros and cons for
    everything, no except for binary. I ever increased my $500 deposit to $110K
    in 20 days. I did have 18K in Optimarket. I plan to call Visa to charge
    back. My suggestion is to choose the best brokers from the very beginning.
    As this lady said, I am one of those few who made tons of money. I only
    used naked price action and I traded all day long.
    Every day, I place around 200 trades, each trade $1000. 

  15. hey jay alfred stone your yahoo email would not go thru. do u have a gmail
    account so i can respond to u please.

  16. Personally he’s JAMAL JOHNSON IS AWESOME !!! It’s not a scam. All I’m
    seeing and counting is MONEY MONEY MONEY !! GO GREENROOM 

  17. Cristóbal Colón

    How to make money online.

    Step one: Open and online banking account that accepts credit cards.

    Step Two: Sell your soul.

    Step Three: Sign up as a rep for one or more of the thousands of online
    scam companies (and not so scummy ones).

    Step Four: Make a little video claiming to “Warn” about scams, then link to
    your scam.

    Step Five: Wait for desperate people to give money to the scam company.

    Step Six: Go to online bank and see how much money you made in finder’s
    fees/commissions from those poor people.

    Step Seven: Drink heavily to wipe out any guilt.

    I have to go now, I have to list my Soul on Craigslist.

    —This message for entertainment purposes only, please don’t do any of

  18. Loved this video. Binary Options trading is not scam.Binary matrix pro is
    one of the best product in binary trading, its signals is
    more than 80% accuracy.

  19. It’s funny how they say one thing is a scam so they could sell u something
    else . She is trying to sell you some service at the end .get a job lol
    this like your 5 th video doing the same crap with a different service the
    real scam is u

  20. I just made 320 dollars in 45 minutes trading binary options and ur excited
    about 75 bucks for a whole day? Lol but juding by ur personality I can see
    ur a bit hyper or high strung, so u had a bad experience with binary
    options because u didnt slow down and actually learn how to read and
    analyze price action, chart patterns, or trading in general for that
    matter. So u probably just jumped in the market with some extra cash u had
    and start making blind trades only to loose ur entire and
    real estate investing or the most purest and fastest ways to become wealthy
    vs. Recruiting people into some penny pinching so called internet marketing

    All that money u spend to run ads etc, to try to get sign ups can be traded
    and give u over a 500% return on ur investment if done to
    each its own, but if ur looking to get rich off of this “internet marketing
    for dummies” b.s., then ur clearly in the wrong vehicle..I make money with
    binary options because I actually know what im doing when I if u
    want to be rich/wealthy, I highly recommend u give binary options another
    shot, but this time actually take a few months to learn how to trade and do
    proper chart and pattern analysis, and ull make more in a day or 2 trading
    binary oprions than what you would make all month doing what ur doing now.

  21. Hello everyone, you wanna make some more profit? do contact alvin anderson
    720 at yahoo dot com please do tell him that i sent my greetings 

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