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trading ✔ Binary Options Dirty Little Secret 2014

Binary Options Dirty Little SecretBinary Options Dirty Little Secret

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  2. I think is easier to make money from on line roulette, there is not signals
    or have to wait.

  3. 24option often manipulate target price and make you lost the trade. they
    are scam. so people please do not believe this scammer. they are creating
    wealth by doing fraud. PLEASE STAY AWAY

  4. What is you opinion about and ?

  5. Why aren’t they SEC approved?

  6. at the moment im on capital options and so far it ok till broker realized i
    had only x amount to play with, and he i wont say richie marins name! said
    he only deals with 5000 and over he wanted me to deposit more and more, ask
    yourself why?if it generates $$ why need more to deposit?more makes more
    but they supposed to help you learn not use you to fill their own pockets!
    so it will be interesting to see when i try pull $$ out this week,i did
    however make money with his help also lost some but he help gain it back!

  7. I totally agree and I totally experienced these cheating behaviors in the
    1st and only binary option broker I have ever tried, for now. It’s
    24Option. It’s totally scam. I took screenshots from my trading, showing
    they are clearly cheating through hidden spreads. Here it is 24Option fraud
    arnaque frode truffa hidden spread ENG-FRA-ITA

  8. That’s why I like Nadex. It’s in the US and the CFTC, SEC, FINRA, FBI, and
    the Justice Department would get me my money back if they screwed me.

  9. I got cheated at TopOption trading EUR/USD. The rate shown did not tally
    with my entry rate although the rate did not change. Best part of it was
    upon expiry it was a TIE. But it showed that I LOST by a difference of 1
    point. It happened after I made GBP3500 from my initial GBP100 I invested
    in less than 2 days. All heck broke lose after that. 9 out of 10 entries
    were dodgy. now I have only a balance of GBP63 left. This is BS ~sigh

  10. Who did you trade with overseas? What Broker or brokers?

  11. I’m confused. their legal, Binary Options in the US? Does option express,
    and e-trade handle these accounts?

  12. hi my friend. i’m an italian trader and i don’t agree with you. believe me,
    the reason why most of the traders loose their money, is why they don’t use
    end day expiring time. i earn money every day, regularly! it’s simply an
    illusion trying to trade each hour, minute and so on. in a short period of
    time brokers can make good and bed weather, but in a day session they must
    give their head on the wall (that’s a tipical italian expression). by my

  13. cashcoinmedia Mobile

    what do you think about 24 option? is it ok?

  14. Binary options are are not a trade its “gambling”; however if you like
    gambling then do it intelligently. Always run a live chart in tandem with
    your gambling broker chart. When it opens check the price they are offering
    to hedge their bets as per the video, when it expires check the price as
    per the live chart. Take screen shots of both upon expiry for evidence.
    Lastly beware of brokers, very aware, as 95% of them are “fly by night” con
    artists – always choose a regulated broker – Nadex cannot be joined if you
    are not a USA citizen, but there are a handful, I repeat a handful of
    decent brokers outside the USA (STILL SHARKISH in that they will open the
    trade at the wrong price but will expire it at a 30 second delay after the
    expiry time at the correct price). Rather trade options – take the time (at
    least 6 months of studying) and you can make money; leave the binary
    options where they belong (in the casino’s) and if you are new beware if
    you go with your own money with no knowledge be prepared to lose it all –
    and more if you are impetuous!

  15. Auto Binary Signals

    Nice presentation really. Carry on. ;)

  16. Nathaniel Calloway

    well how does Nadex make their money? 

  17. let me ask this when no one is home and sausage rolls off the plate and
    hits the floor does it still make any noise?

  18. thank a lot for this information sir it war very informativ

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