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trading ✔ Binary Options Charts and Finding Trades 2014

Binary Options Charts and Finding TradesBinary Options Charts and Finding Trades

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  1. Choppy markets are hard to trade in. If you don’t feel comfortable wait for
    price action to get back to normal.

  2. I didn’t do a live trade this day, so I was just doing some chart analysis.
    Take what you want from the video.

  3. Oh ok well whats your email?

  4. Another bad one… It’s the extreme edges here – last week was the best and
    this week the worst I’ve ever had I guess.. It’s like Cyprus, bad luck and
    maybe bad decisions all combined. Many tight losers and many entries just
    before a jumper as well as last minute losers. Missed a lot of setups. Also
    struggled with defining the trend. Now I need to take a step back and to
    analyze. Losses here and there is no big deal but when it’s massive… Hope
    I’m doing it right and that it’s just a crazy week

  5. Yes, but contact me first on YouTube email or on the contact form on

  6. Very informative. I really likes this one. Please do more in the future.

  7. You didn’t upset me. Just stating.

  8. When the trading is tough you still have to deliver.

  9. Search for the Fibo_pivot indicator in Google. It should pop up.

  10. Great. Glad I could help you out. Stay active on the channel. There are
    plenty of more videos available.

  11. Great video as always!! keep it up!! i am using anyoption for my trades
    atleast now. Do you think that is a good site??

  12. I will keep cranking. Anyoption is one of the best known brokers. Are you
    in the United States?

  13. What a great video! Thanks Rich, for the refresher on price action and

  14. Yes i am would you suggest that or 24 option??

  15. Sounds like a plan. I will look for these charts if trading is slow.

  16. Very good video, thanks for the insight. I am learning and this was a good
    explanation of possibilities.

  17. Where can I find your pivot indicator to download? Thanks for your videos!

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