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trading ✔ 5-10 Minute Binary Option Strategy- Part 1/2 2014

5-10 Minute Binary Option Strategy- Part 1/25-10 Minute Binary Option Strategy- Part 1/2

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  1. When is the best time to trade on this strategy? Also what currency pair is
    recommended? Tks

  2. In the last case, do you wait for the red candlestick to close to open your
    trade? if I’m not wrong, a 5 minutes trade in that case would have been a
    loosing trade. ?!?!?

  3. marketsworld is trusted broker. :)

  4. Hi, thank you very much for this video. I just woudl like to ask, where can
    I get these process looking like in your video, i mean these candles not
    just the line? I ´ve registreted to some broker, but to me it is more
    clever to trade following these candle before just that one line. Sry for
    english, I hope you understood me. :)

  5. Christopher Corcoran

    What is your favorite currency to trade?

  6. as you trade live are you using m1 time frame?

  7. hola man! The company Marketsworld pays for it? you already received
    payments of this company? is not scam?

  8. marketsworld pay ?

  9. 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

  10. can we see your Bank of America balance. I want to see if you’re actually
    making money.

  11. Do I use that strategy in the one minute time chart or 5 or 15?

  12. No need, I have lost money, have made money with binary options, my new
    strategy is my best yet. Check it out.

  13. Much appreciated!

  14. Nice, I just placed a trade while watching this clip and won! Sure might
    have got lucky, but still. If it’s in the money 65-70% of the time it would
    be great. I’m still demo-testing, I’ll give it a month or so and let you
    know how it went.

  15. Do you live in the us?

  16. Hello, again. It’s going well so far, had 4/5 yesterday. I’ve subscribed
    too =). What do I have to do to get the template you are using? Thanks!

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