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trading ✔ $1000 Profit in 28 Minute Proven Binary Trading Strategy 2014

00 Profit in 28 Minute Proven Binary Trading Strategy00 Profit in 28 Minute Proven Binary Trading Strategy

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  1. Marc-Antoine Lévesque

    Can i use this plateform in Canada?

  2. Great video. What time of the day were you trading this ? Also was this a
    real or demo account?

  3. *$1000 Profit in 28 Minute!*

  4. Why choose always option low ? … whts the point ..? & thanks..

  5. If you want help hit me up

  6. Do trading platforms have some sort of rule to prevent this technique?
    (i.e. they prevent you from trading the same thing for 1minute) Cause
    profit seems to come too easily with this method. 

  7. The only way to prove any of this is to do it yourself folks. So I think
    I’ll get to it and let you all know what happens.

  8. Interesting… 

  9. What types of strategies do you employ when trading binary options? Would
    it be advisable to rely on software to make decisions for you, or is it
    possible to be just as successful without relying on artificial
    intelligence to guide your actions? What type of technical indicators do
    you look for when trying to determine whether to choose a call or put

  10. Hello fine video. what if you loose 5-7 times? is that possible. you can
    loose the hole bankroll?!

  11. Has anyone tried this and made some money?
    I can see how its possible. Only started trading shares few days ago and so
    far I’ve broken even and had some positive trades trying to find my own
    system and looking at charts, but only using few hundred dollars to learn.

  12. Hi how do you find withdrawing from 24option? Fast or a lot of hassle?

  13. Alfred Joseph Valladares Caballero

    This i just 24Option or any plataform ?

  14. Alden Michael Churchill

    $1000 Profits in 28 Minutes!!! Proven Binary Trading Strategy

  15. Terror da Terrible

    can u use this account if your in the usa? because i heard its not usa
    friendly i wanna join this please get back with me

  16. How much is required to start? providing to win £17 per go. also how do u
    know when to trade up or down?

  17. Sorry typo I meant in the U.S. and thank you.

  18. People love asking dumb mother fkr questions. If your asking stupid
    questions like is your balance enough and you can see the simple maths of
    what you need. This isn’t for you. 

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