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stock market ✔ Making Money With Stocks & Binary Options RANT!!! 2014

Making Money With Stocks & Binary Options RANT!!!Making Money With Stocks & Binary Options   RANT!!!

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  1. Funny I can’t spell either. But then again. I make custom furniture and
    don’t pretend that I’m some exec. in a big company. I signed up for your
    newsletter but have yet to get one. Looking forward to trying some of your
    Thanks for the effort getting out the newsletter and be well.

  2. I love how you are portraying yourself as a supposed “grammar Nazi.” Get a

  3. The guy who wrote you sounds like he might be a non-native English speaker
    — the only logical explanation for such an odd sentence structure. Banking
    isn’t exactly rocket science, so it’s plausible.

  4. Lololololololololollolol This guy is a LEGOND

  5. One of my favorite anaylist says the best time to pick a stock is on a
    really down day. If a stock is going up while most of the market is going
    down it is a good indicator that it has strength. If your stocks go up in a
    week most of the market goes up it doesn’t really prove anything.

  6. i got a few grand ask you friend if he wants to sell his craps website , im
    interested as i just started playing craps. Seems like fun but i can feel
    the 7 seems to come up alot , i guess i got lucky ok peace

  7. Kh, your just sooo full of shit sometimes… I personally have made
    thousands of binary options, how is it thats its a scam?

  8. The other day I won 13 trades in a row in binary options and that’s a
    record for me. I’ll agree the 60 second trades are easily manipulated but I
    only do 5 minute trades for that reason.

  9. It’s ironic King Human that you claim to be too busy to read or answer his
    emails, yet your able to spotlight correspondences from “idiots.” I suggest
    featuring questions that are a consensus from your followers.

  10. i do understand saytar even if i don’t remember how to spell it

  11. I’ve heard the some positive things about binaries from personal people I
    know and mixed reviews online. I guess it depends on which broker you go
    with. I was told that the lower start – up brokers ( $200-500) tend to have
    some problems when compared to higher start ups $2-5k. A friend told me
    someone was averaging $250k a day 

  12. charity starts at home you FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!! Let me take care of
    myself first before I donate to St, Jude’s

  13. Hey dum fuck where are your stock pics on your shity website
    All it said was you sold out to early in 2012

  14. Binary options are almost as bad as taking stock picks from a baccarat
    addicted compulsive gambler

  15. i could throw together a better letter than that and im no spelling genius
    anyway king human i have been reading on stocks and looking to start soon
    and have overwhelmed myself with info do u know of a simple place i can
    read up on what to do the basic info i need to know what im doing and go
    from their and just build from that? or do u have a vid you have done that
    is best for that 

  16. what about bitcoin?

  17. dying lol holly crap

  18. what do you think about investing in tesla? I bought in at 238.00. It’s
    dropped down a bit but I think it’s going to come back up. 

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