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stock market ✔ Is Binary Option Robot a Scam? [Q&A: #2] 2014

Is Binary Option Robot a Scam? [Q&A: #2]Is Binary Option Robot a Scam? [Q&A: #2]

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  1. Hi. Do you still recommend only using the RSI indicator now? What about the
    Trend indicator? Also please advise how often to Auto-Trade the currency
    pairs, i.e. 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60
    seconds, etc.


    *+Binary Option Robot** : Scam or Money Maker?*
    By +Chris Morton

    – Use in certain hours when markets overlap
    – Use in best times for popular fx pairs
    – Use 1 fx pair at a time
    – Use 1 indicator (RSI)
    – Use martingale with $2000+ balance

    – set n forget

    #binaryoptionrobot #binaryoptions #signals 

  3. Hey Chris, so i’m actually about to join this software soon. Thanks for
    the review firstly. You noted 3 forex pairs as the best, are the others not
    as profitable? If they are do you by any chance have the possible times for
    some other pairs?

    Thanks for the videos, really enjoying them!


    Is Binary Option Robot a Scam? [Q&A: #2]

  5. As you must know , they included a new indicator… TREND. Have you tried
    with it,? have they improved the performance of the robot including the new
    indicator?… Thanks!( I bought it few months ago and i havent used yet,
    nor have i open an account with any of the brokers they offer)

  6. Карлос душ Сантуш

    I do not speak English do not understand anything WHAT YOU talked I wonder
    if this really works rono?

  7. is this bot scam?

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