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stock market ✔ Daily Binary Profits v7 2014 Review – 2014

Daily Binary Profits v7 2014 Review – Binary Profits v7 2014 Review -

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  1. Would also be cool if you could do a review of Option Bot 2.0, because a
    lot of people are making money from this. It would be nice to hear your
    opinion on this product as well, and how this product works for people that
    don`t read charts.

  2. Robert Konarzewski

    i have signed up for this software but binary profits software have
    allocated me a broker in UK / Gibraltar ” Big Option ” not sure why can
    you please let me know if this is a scam or all good good
    could not find out anything about this broker no online reviews no
    Youtube reviews either

  3. is this still working and giving good signal??

  4. just got the DBPv7 today .im about to try it tomorrow and see what happens.

  5. its crap…i lost 400 using this crap.and now they are adverting

  6. HI Chris I just watch your video and I asking you for a suggest what do you
    think it’s better betwheen Daily Binary Profits v7, Binary Cash Creator or
    Binary Matrix Pro ? I really appreaciate you awnser because I’m a begginer
    and I know you are a Pro.
    Thank’s for everything.All the best.

  7. Hi Chris I want to know more about your software am a beginner

  8. this software only allows to register in Bank de Bianary with is blocked in
    my can i choose another broker which is available in my country

  9. Hi Chris, i have this software but not finding it to be too successful so
    far, but i have a suspicion its me doing something wrong – what time
    periods should i use for expiry times , as i noticed you only used 15 min
    in expiry for a couple of trades in video that were, according to DBP7, 1
    hour trades??? – Thanks:)

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