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stock market ✔ Binary Options SCAMS!!!! TradeRush & Franco 2014 Beware of the binary options “markets” and know what you are getting yourself into BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Binary options are NOT an…
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  1. Renārs Požarnovs

    if you wold by a kinghuman then you wuld have hear

  2. It’s not even gambling KH. You’ve probably already found out that the
    “brokers” are actually stealing the money.

  3. Can someone just please let me know. If you make money off these Binary
    options websites, can you easily withdraw money that you’ve earned or is
    there more to it?

    Thank you.

  4. Use due diligence before getting involved with any investment.

  5. Why do you have glasses on your nose. Do you have problem with toyr eyes?

  6. This guy is spot on, for the primary reason that 99% of these brokers are
    unregulated. Meaning, if they decide to steal your money, as many of the
    horror stories on the web would suggest, you have absolutely no recourse.
    It’s a complete financial Wild West, you’re on your own. Plus the fact that
    usually you’re betting against the broker at the price the broker gives,
    which is often very different to the actual market price. Please don’t
    waste your money, learn how to trade forex or stocks properly. Binary
    options amounts to nothing more than betting against the broker at terrible
    odds, and in the long run the only ones making money are the brokers
    themselves. Ask yourself this – how can they make money if it’s possible
    for everyone “trading” with them to make money? They’d go out of business
    pretty quickly if everyone made 80% on their investment. Plus usually they
    don’t charge a commission, so unless they’re ripping people off how would
    they make anything? They need people to lose money to make money and to pay
    out the small percentage of people who are lucky enough to win. And that’s
    what it amounts to, luck. You got lucky if you got your money out. You got
    lucky if you won money. I’ve seen too many horror stories online of people
    losing real money to these scammers, and it sickens me. From refusing to
    credit accounts, denying withdrawals, identity theft, manipulation of
    software to generate losing trades, misleading returns, locking in your
    withdrawal with a bonus and not being regulated, these people will take
    your money and eventually, you’re going to run into problems.

    Feel free to disagree – it isn’t my money that’s at risk, it’s yours.

  7. Binary options is in fact not a scam and is how I and the people I’ve been
    teaching have been able to earn a part time to full time income online.

    If you go to my channel and watch my newest video you can see my honest
    personal review of binary options and I’ll even teach the strategy I use
    that allows both myself and my students to make several thousand dollars a

  8. actually there are regulated sites such as titan trade and goptions and yes
    these are us friendly dont take my word for it do your own due diligence
    and as for stock trading you can trade penny stocks i dont recommend unless
    your well educated but this is a lot better then waiting till your 40 with
    your dividends cmon king human i had more respect for you making money is
    easy guys with the write strategy 

  9. if binary options are scam than how the heck i made living from it?? it
    might be gambling or some other thing…and the end of the day what you
    want to know is you made money or not… i got no website and i got no
    blog…but will always be available to help people coz i was broke in some
    point of time and i know how it feels…. if you are interested than reply
    to this and i will add you

  10. binaryoptionstradingsignals is a scam

  11. go jump out off the fuck windows !!!! lmfao but he is right i never try
    but i think this a big scam too it is game i think so i never try and i
    won’t i m not fucking crazy!!!

  12. Javier Yep Garcia

    Hello all, My name is Javier Yep Garcia, I am real.
    I am a professional trader on Forex, Commodities, stocks…
    I also trade Binary Options since year 2003.
    Let me tell you a truth, Binary Options only works for real traders. Why? –
    Because we know most of the time where the direction of the price is going,
    and there is when we place our bet.

    Only one thing is 100% true about kinghuman sais and it about the fact that
    you can not expect to make thousands $ in 1 week starting with just $200.
    If you want to make thousands per week, you have to deposit at least
    $10.000, WHY? – Because we as real traders, we apply the Money Management
    rule, which is “only to use 2 – 10% of equity available in every trade”

    And yes, as i am a real trader, yes I am making money with Binary Options
    every week. My current status is about +20% Equity (balance) increase per

    Hope this helps. If questions, contact me.

  13. hi i am running gregs bot for 3 wk and i got 110euro proffit its slow but
    it works how is yours doing

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