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stock market ✔ Binary Option Robot Hangout 2014

Binary Option Robot HangoutBinary Option Robot Hangout

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  1. Mike Kleinsteuber

    wow big player..a whole $200 account…and you bet 10% of it a time….good

  2. to change the setting did you have to buy it ? because i downloaded it and
    its not allowing me to change the settings

  3. Just got the pro software and everything hooked up ill tell ya an straight
    answer in a while just gotta do some testing. 

  4. Hi Chris, I don’t understand whether from this sessions you profited or

  5. وائل كامل

    let me tell every body who’s arrive to here this is fake software I have
    try it and lose all of my account 100% lose fuck them

  6. You will never, ever get off their spam email lists, sent through dozens of
    different servers, you will be spammed EVERY DAY. Additionally, until you
    complain to the authorities in the UK you will not be refunded your money.

  7. You have 208 USD capital, risks 20 usd per active, opens 5 active at a
    time. You’re the worst trader there. :)

  8. piyush i am selvakumar from india tamilnadu .i want to do this business
    please give me idea

  9. About a week ago i gave it a try. Was doing 50% but then lost 3 in a row
    twice. Support said to use martingale on a 15 mins on trending markets.
    Doesn’t do well in flat periods. Also after a few emails they told me they
    have fixed the issue and I should remove my version and install the new
    one. I will give a try another time

  10. Global Financial Tips US

    great one!

  11. can everyone ues it
    i use FREE version
    i rades 10 Wins 4 Losses 6

  12. Hey Chris,

    Great Video…
    Would you recommend Auto Binary Signals…. or the binary Option Robot?

  13. Hi what is the URL for ABS? I’ll check it out

  14. Was it just me or did noone notice that he had his Robot set to 15mins but
    all of his trades were 10 minute trades… hmmmmm looks fishy

  15. DOnt use any robot. sometime the one that provide the robot just want some
    easy income. when u deposit using their link they will gain some %. the
    more people the more money he get. my advice do some learning in technical
    analysis and learn the news.

  16. i am creating a binary option Skype group to help each other beat the
    market! steven.larocque3 if you are interested thank you!

  17. this is a pis of shit system.. don’t trust there system.. 


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