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investing ✔ The Green Room Academy Review and Income Proof – Binary Options Trading 2014

The Green Room Academy Review and Income Proof – Binary Options TradingThe Green Room Academy Review and Income Proof - Binary Options Trading

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  1. I would like to join but does anyone know how soon you can start winning?
    I’m talking from the very start. As soon as I pay the initial $99.95 for
    The Green Room Academy, read all of the important information, then start
    applying what I read to actual trading. Any insight helps. Thanks guys. I’m
    hearing a lot of good buzz from The Green Room.

  2. I’m going to join The Green Room soon ;D i can hardly wait =D

  3. I love this bro!! Been given some hints about the room from some friends on
    facebook. My constraint is time… I work in Nigeria here from 8am to 7p.m.
    Please can i still trade at late hours? i definitely wld not have to learn
    for now, so i wld need to start off using your trades. Can i get that too?

  4. Boss I want to be on your team and be trained by you. Can you shoot me an
    email and we can go from there

  5. Hi Michael
    I’d also like to join. Can you send me an invite to my email address

  6. Hi Michael, i am contacting you from south Africa, will it be ok for me to
    join boss capital, and be part of trading room, please advise i really want
    to be part of your is my e

  7. Hey man, so once I have paid 100 dollars…what happens next? Is the green
    room a facebook group?

  8. I was invited to join by Lloyd Knapman, After seeing your video I decided
    to join and use the trading room as per your video. However I cannot find
    it on the Greenroom site. Is it only your group, if so can I join? Please

  9. Hey Mike I really interested in joining the green room. Can you send me
    some more information on trading and joining to my email:

  10. me to kevin im in!!

  11. Hey Michael I want to join can you send me an email please at

  12. Can you please email me more information? I have
    never traded b4. I can’t wait to start. Thanks

  13. Is the $99.95 still one time payment or monthly now.

    What kind of trading styles do the green room teaches people to trade if
    they want to learn to fish on their own in the future (ie, reading candles,
    using different indicators like RSI, MACD, price action, etc.)


  14. Micheal how do I sight up to your group?

  15. Can you email me with all the information I need to know before joining

  16. Hi, I’d like to join and have the bonuses, am I too late?

  17. This is amazing! I’ve always wanted to get into trading but I have been
    very hesitant because I heard that the stock market can be very risky. Plus
    I had no idea how to even begin in leaning about trading. Im definitely
    interested in joining your team. Can you send me a link to get started? 

  18. Thanks Michael.

    You seem like a very sincere person.

    Just asking, ..Do U have, or would you consider doing a series of vids on
    your personal daily trading & results ? Thx again.

  19. I Would love to get set up with this and start trading! My email is

  20. Hello Michael
    I am in Australia and would like to join the Green Room. I have no
    knowledge of trading. I am aware that you do group trading but I have a
    daytime job and was wondering if I would be able to trade in group after
    hours Australian timing. I really do need guidance. Can you please guide me
    so I can join your group and trade with you. Please reply
    I am really interested and need personal guidance from a person like you.

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