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investing ✔ Pure Profits System 2 – Binary Options 2014

Pure Profits System 2 – Binary OptionsPure Profits System 2 - Binary Options

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  1. Withdrawal Procedure
    Cedar Finance’s finance department handles all submitted withdrawal
    requests. Identification documents must be submitted in order to process a

    There is no fee to withdraw via credit card; however any withdrawal below
    the amount of 500 via bank transfer will be charged a 25 fee of the
    original currency in which the initial deposit was made: USD, EUR and GBP.
    The minimum withdrawal is 200 of the currency you used to make the initial
    deposit: EUR, USD, GBP.

    Once a withdrawal request is submitted it can take Cedar Finance 3-10
    business days to process the request. Once the request has been approved
    please allow an additional 5-7 days for the funds to show in your
    account.If the clients wish to close the account he/she may do so without
    the additional fees, all the remaining funds in the account will be
    transferred to the original source of payment (credit/debit card, bank
    account, e-wallet)

  2. can you withdraw the funds anytime ? 

  3. i hope u will have a luck on this trades

  4. Is this still worth trying? and can you leave at anytime? and how long does
    it take to transfer the money u made/lost from ur credit card?. does anyone
    know?Thank you.

  5. cedar finance is stealing

  6. i like thiss 🙂 im gonna check it out and see if i make anything

  7. This system will blow your account. I blowed my 200 Euro account the same
    day. The popularity tool is to slow for 60 sec trades. Stay away from this
    system. This system is spread all over youtube. You only see one video of a
    trading session. You never will see a second video where they show you the
    account balance after one week . I guess they all blow there account. I
    believe they are just earning money from people that open an account on
    there behalf. They get paided for every trade YOU place

  8. I started trading a few months ago and I didn’t understand anything and I
    blew my money and since then I have studied alot of different tips and
    strategies and this one by far is the best thanks for the insite

  9. it’s look like a fake .

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  11. This is the first I have heard of Pure Profit System, but man does it look

  12. investing 200$ is ok bt how to take money home when i get profit

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  15. NEVER take a bonus offer. You’ll be required to trade many times your
    initial investment amount just to be able to withdraw money

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