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investing ✔ Most common beginner’s mistakes with binary option trading! 2014

Most common beginner’s mistakes with binary option trading!Most common beginner's mistakes with binary option trading!

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  1. Very helpful thanks !

  2. yea man im in banc de binary for few weeks. Still learning the game and
    haven’t made any bids yet. I don’t really understand the resources that
    were given like net dania and so on do you know of any better ways to
    understand and see the correlation between assets and news and son?

  3. I’m glad you mentioned signal software on your video. When I followed my
    software’s signals I didn’t make any profit. I made more money when I did
    the opposite of what the software signaled (when it signaled a Put I did a
    Call and when it signaled a Call I did a Put). Signal software is dodgy.

  4. greatttttttttt !!!! 

  5. Hi everybody,how do I subscribe to this binary trading? Im in kenya

  6. Hello Mike, thank you for all the info’ you provided us so far. I’m new and
    I would like to know what is the risk for trading 60 sec binary options
    with stockpair.

  7. Thanks, Mike. Good stuff! Glad there’s some decent people providing
    decent advice on binary options trading through YouTube..

  8. Hi everybody,how do I subscribe to this binary trading? Im in kenya

  9. Thx Michael that was soo hpf

  10. hi mike, I just wanna say that there is a new intresting product called
    GOLDEN GOOSE METHOD APP where they garantee 1000$ in profit a day, and the
    weared thing is that is for FREE… so I think that you should make a
    review on it! your fan Nabil

  11. hi mike my only ques is from where we can withdraw money….it goes
    straight to our bank acc or we will have a different acc for that..sorry i
    don’t have knowledge..

  12. Hi mike, is Stockpair available in Malaysia?

  13. can someone living in jamaica benefit from binary options?

  14. Thank you for the comment. Checkout my GOptions Review, they offer same-day
    withdrawals and full access for US Traders. Email me at if you have any questions. Have a nice week!

  15. Param Subramanium

    Hey James, in my opinion if you are not using a strategy with your trades,
    there is a slim chance you can profit from trading. Many traders are
    generating profit over time but non of them are using intuition, or
    anything besides proper analysis and research. Thanks for the comment!
    Email me if you have any questions about trading. Mike

  16. Hi Cody, thanks for the comment. The lowest industry minimum is now $200
    but if you are just looking to practice you can either open a free account
    with one of the reputable platforms and ‘Paper-Trade’ or you can open a
    demo account with Markets World, which is a new company but they offer a
    demo. Mike

  17. I have a friend who was born in the 30’s and has gone through all the
    different investment platforms, vanilla options and his conclusion is that
    the only way to become a really good investor you got to rely only on solid
    indicators that you’re able to figure out while engaging and reading about
    the market, and all the rest is a pure gamble…but I will continue to look
    into the different softwares that are constantly coming out. It’s
    definitely very interesting and worth covering in a video!

  18. you can email me anytime. Mike.

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