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investing ✔ How To Trade Binary Options 2014

How To Trade Binary OptionsHow To Trade Binary Options

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  1. Nadex and Nadex only. Anyone who are interesting on trading Binary options
    from the U.S, please do you self that favor and don’t invest your money
    with these oversea brokers. All of them are crooks, they always forcing you
    to make a deposit and they always want to know why you’re withdrawing your

  2. Good information. But, to clarify, at 3:50 in the video when discussing a
    downtrend entry, you should have said to SELL the strike that is equal to
    or greater than the previous day’s close. 

  3. Really like your teaching style. This was informative and surprisingly
    easy to follow and grasp.

  4. I learned more here in this video here on how to trade binary options than
    I did taking a whole class at my local college.

  5. Just came back to say the article you had on your website I found very

  6. Javier Yep Garcia

    the strategy presented on this video is fine and workable.
    There are more strategies to learn though.

    I am a professional trader since 2003, on forex and binary options. I make
    80 – 300% profit per year.

    contact me if you need help.

  7. informative session

  8. This was very good but I have to say I am even more impressed with all the
    videos you have on your channel. I am subbing because I know I could learn
    a lot from you. I plan to atch all of them over time

  9. You covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time here. I am not new
    to binary trading but needed a refresher and this helped. I also likes the
    particular trading strategy you showed here.

  10. I always thought trading binary options was fast, like within the same
    day. But I learned here that a trade can go for longer, a week as an

  11. Excellent video for learning a method for binary trading. I am glad I
    spent the time to watch.. THX

  12. Best 9 minutes I have spent watching a video. Really well done. 

  13. I have seen several strategies for trading binary options and I like this
    one best. 

  14. I like that there is the ability here to see a fixed risk before going into
    the trade.

  15. Excellent video for learning a method for binary trading. I am glad I
    spent the time to watch.. THX

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