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investing ✔ How To Make Money Online With 60 Second Binary Options 2014

How To Make Money Online With 60 Second Binary OptionsHow To Make Money Online With 60 Second Binary Options

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  1. can i do this strategy on a 1MB internet with speed 54 Mbps

  2. What if your trades resulted in a tie instead of a loss?

  3. Catatan Madridista

    I’m so Interested but i don’t have Credit Card.
    I have Skrill, Neteller and PayPal with Virtual Credit Card.
    Can i join to trade?

  4. It’s 2014 dose this strategy still works?

  5. Trading can really earn you big money fast.

  6. What if I decide to go against the popularity and stayed at it through the
    5 steps, would it still work?

  7. Ok, so I must’ve seen this video 10 times already. Gonna start trading next
    week. My question is on the fifth trade, why do $100? Why not $200 if it’s
    guaranteed to work? 

  8. Hi empire, is it still working until now? Thank you

  9. for steps 3 and 4, does it matter if you trade $10 and $15 or just one $25
    trade? …..because if you trade just the one $25 trade then you are not
    doing 5 actual trades where you are guaranteed to win 1 of 5 trades??

  10. I wish I had this strategy when I started. I kept wondering why I started
    with 250 made 400 extra and lost it all. I noticed I had 4out of 10 . if I
    had this strategy I would hve covered my losses and increased wins

  11. Hey! I just have some questions for you if that’s okay 🙂 I am just about
    to start trading with this strategy but it is some things that I dont
    understand. I have watched the video serval times and it seems like

    1.You can never increase a trade if you win on it example if you win on the
    first trade (5dollars) you need to do it again until you lose that one so
    you can increase to step 2. (10 dollars) is that correct? only increase a
    trade if you lose and always if you win a trade start from the beginning?
    And an other question is when you do the 3rd step and the fourth step, the
    (10 dollar one and the 15 dollar) If both of them win of course you start
    from the beginning right? but if one lose and the other one wins? what do
    you do? still continue and increase with the 5th step the last one the (100
    dollars) trade? or start from beginning again? And
    it seems like always when you win a trade go back to step one (5 dollars)
    is that correct? until you lose so you can increase Because you need 5Lost
    trades to win it seems?

  12. still work until today ?

  13. More than 65 customers made real money online. you can also try this. it
    really works.

  14. I really think this is a great strategy, a friend of mine uses it and makes
    a nice amount of money every day 🙂 i’ll give it a go tomorrow!

  15. Hey bro, I was very hesitant to try this since the video is over a year old
    but I still gave it a try and just wanted to say to everyone: it still
    works in 2014! I really enjoy making profits this quickly! Thanks for
    sharing this awesome strategy!

  16. Yes, we had to improve the old video since TradeRush has updated their
    platform since that video was last made 🙂

  17. Wow awesome comments on this one…!!

  18. Hey! It’s my favorite strategy! I was already wondering why you guys took
    down the old video since it really helped me and could help others earn
    extra income, but I see it’s back and better!! 🙂

  19. Doru Octavian Iancu

    Hey Dan and thanks for the video. I’ll soon start trading as well and I’m
    very confident this will be a success. Congratulations to all of you who
    made money with this system. Makes me happy seing people happy. Cheers!

  20. Today was the first day I could try it out and I lost the first 4 trades
    lol! You probably couldve heard my heart beating from where u are.. but the
    fifth $100 trade u said was guaranteed so I put it on as fast as I could
    and guess what: it won! I made $33.50 dollars today and I think I’ll make
    that the target for each day.. I was wonderin if I could share your vid
    with some friends? Can I put it on my channel?

  21. Yes you can, if you follow the steps correctly and yes of course you can
    transfer it to your bank account, if not then we wouldn’t make this video,
    making money is pretty useless if you can’t have access to it 🙂

  22. Thanks! I follow you!

  23. Hi, you simply put on the same trade again, theres no need to start all the
    way over just because of 1 tie. 😉

  24. hey danny.. thanx 4 ur video! ur video is really helping especially for
    beginners. but i would love to know if i can trade in malaysia with the
    website u recommended. currently i’m using globaltrader365 n its somehow

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