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investing ✔ Pro Indicator: Free binary options MT4 signal indicator 2014 Pro Indicator: Free binary options MT4 signal Pro Indicator: Free binary options MT4 signal indicator

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    *Introducing our exclusive **** Pro Indicator*

    My name is +Chris Morton and I’m proud to introduce to you a new + product:

    The Binary Options MT4 Signal Indicator, known as the ***
    Pro Indicator*.

    What is the Pro Indicator?

    – A FOREX indicator for Metatrader 4 developed for binary options trading

    – The indicator forecasts high probability trades and indicates clear
    CALL/PUT signals on all FOREX charts with 1 hour expirys

    It works like a signal provider except it doesn’t:

    – Charge monthly fees
    – Only work at specific hours
    – Have an approx. 60% win rate

    What is actually provides:

    – Free for all members
    – Works on all forex charts at any time
    – 75% + Win Rate

    How does it work?

    The indicator displays an arrow, red or green, that appears on the hourly
    chart on each and every currency pair it is applied to. The arrow suggests
    that the trader should prepare to place call or put options based on the
    following 3 candles. You have 3 hours to prepare for the trade.

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    #forextrading #mt4 #metatrader4 


    *Binary Options Indicator – Quick Colour Code Guide*

    Follow this candle guide to which option (BUY/SELL) to use based on the
    four candle sequence.

    RR = 1-4 = CALL option
    GR = 1-4 = CALL option
    GG = 1-4 = PUT option
    RG = 1-4 = PUT option

    #binaryoptions #mt4 #forexindicator

  3. Pro Indicator: Free binary options MT4 signal indicator

  4. your indicator does not show up what so ever in my mt4 platform.

  5. Hi, what are you using to run MT4 with on a Mac (Parallels?) and how did
    you install the EA? Cheers.

  6. Hi Chris. Thanks for comping up with this indicator. I just noticed the
    strategy is also working on the 15 minute time frame, which is really
    great. I’ve backtested this on a historical chart..
    however, I will try this next week (monday) and let you know the results.
    But I think this is really amazing! Keep up the good work :)

  7. hi… i download the indicator but seems to not work with my
    platform…anyone can help please?

  8. Lucky2899999 Lifestyle International

    Hello Chris,
    I have Windows 8 and I downloaded your indicator software but i couldn’t
    get it opened. Do i need special app to open your indicator?

    2). In your Youtube videos, you DIDN’T exactly tell HOW to apply your
    indicators to the MT4 Platform. How do you do that?

    Thanks much!

  9. Hi Chris,

    I think it does not work on Mac. Can you please let know if this true or is
    there anyway I can down load it on iPad. Cheers..

  10. hey, where is your meta trader template? thank you :)

  11. Like it! Will demo this week with the EUR/USD :)

  12. Unsure if my indicator installed correctly, all looks normal but from back
    testing only get about 8 signals a month at 50% ITM. Installed it as I do
    with all my indicators so unsure why it wouldn’t be working the same as
    what you guys advertise. Would be great to know what the signals are based
    on, as I can see you use an RSI indicator to generate the signals but I’m
    sure more goes into it than that.

  13. Interesting Binary Options Indicator from Chris Morton:
    How to make profitable investments based on hourly indicator, check this
    video out. 

  14. Hi Christian what is the issue? Do u place it in the correct folder?

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