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investing ✔ Binary Options Taxes and Withdrawals 2014

Binary Options Taxes and WithdrawalsBinary Options Taxes and Withdrawals

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  1. reshica rajkumar

    Hi Michael i am from South Africa would you please recommend a good broker
    for me which i could use your auto trader with.

  2. Hi Mike, do you still use/ recommend GOptions? Have you had any troubles
    with withdrawals? Thanks!

  3. Steven R Patterson

    Very important tax information. My channel has some additional tax
    information you might like.

  4. I have my broker accounts under my business entity’s name, that way any
    profits and withdrawls made can count as business transactions. Then after
    a withdrawl I put that money into other cashflow investments (as advised by
    my business and tax attorney).

  5. Freddy Rodriguez

    I’ve been using Paypal for YEARS to buy stuff on ebay, amazon and a ton of
    websites, but for some reason I don’t feel comfortable giving a broker my
    bank account. I’m looking into alternatives to Paypal, since most brokers
    don’t accept it. After a bit of research online, looks like most gamblers
    and day trading sites use Neteller as the standard. It’s international and
    accepts many currencies. Of course it has fees, etc. What’s your opinion on
    using Neteller, Mike?

  6. If someone under the age of 18 was to participate in Binary Options from
    Canada would he have to report this tax?

  7. Hey Mike, I’m from Singapore and I’ve been researching about binary options
    for abit since I came across it. You seem to be very informative and
    helpful in your videos.
    Btw, I have a couple of questions in mind..
    Firstly, what platform would you recommend me to use and what is the best
    withdrawal method for someone who is from Singapore?
    And I’m sorta new to this too btw. :)

  8. Great stuff Micheal! According to your topic I was thinking about no CGT
    countries like hong kong , singapure , cayman islands. What do you think
    about opening bank acc in one w these countries? That should eliminate tax
    from BO in a legal way. What do you think about this Micheal ?

  9. Hey mike I hope u see this! I wanna ask you something…. is it true that
    regulated binary options just like marketsworld, 24options, cedar finance
    and all of those regulated platforms they pay your taxes generated by the
    profits you made because they are officially under an entity of their
    government? I read that somewhere but I want to verify that info with you,
    thank you man keep up with your good work!

  10. Thanks for such a helpful video! I never really knew much about withdrawals
    or anything but this really helped!

  11. Micheal! Hope you see this!
    I’ve been watching your videos and basically getting myself ready to Trade.
    I’m thinking StockPair. But, if you said Broker sites lets you trade as
    much amount as you like, i just wanna know, will they restrict me from the
    total amount in my account? Like, “I could only withdraw 85% of my money
    from my account” ??

  12. Hi Samantha, thanks for the comment! If you are using an etaxes type
    websites, there is usually a walk through but it’s very simple once you get
    to schedule D you will notice two sections for profit and loss. On the
    Anyption platform go to ‘settled options’ and view the entire history of
    your transactions, for small amounts IRS won’t audit you, but taking a
    snapshot is the most you’ll ever be required, however when you file they
    trust you to provide with the real figures.

  13. Tell me, i am using empireoption and and in demo account you can only
    withdraw 100$ in one month without any fees,but if i go for 100$withdraw
    everyday,what i am going to charge..

  14. The withdrawal fee is $30 after the first time using 24option

  15. hey Mike what do you think about cedar finance?

  16. i tried trading with the ebook they gave and believe i lost ever since i
    started without gaining a dime please michael can you help me with trades
    with respect to time here in my country nigeria so i can trade and make
    money also is gtoptions. com real or scam site

  17. Hi Michael, I’m a 18 year dependent and started Any Option on March 9th. I
    have never filed taxes and did not know that they were due on April 15.
    What should I do in order to not get in trouble with the IRS. Thanks.

  18. Hey Marlon, that is correct. As of Feb 1, 2013 Anyoption increased the
    minimum to $200 and 24option increased the minimum to $500 so now the
    lowest amount you can initiate a trading account with is $200. I posted the
    video before the change was made. I apologize for any inconvenience. Email
    me if you need help with anything. Mike

  19. One more question, is it Ok to start with Cedar finance ?

  20. Paypal withdrawal is not available

  21. so in order to withdrawal your money you got to fax your driving license

  22. This is a very informative channel I’ve subscribed and plan on visiting
    frequently. Great job!

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