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investing ✔ Binary Options Review DON’T 2014

Binary Options Review DON’T GAMBLE.movBinary Options Review DON'T

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  1. Speculative trading on short terms (less than few monts of buy-and-hold) is
    not investment but rather gambling, because short terms fluctuantions are
    nothing more that speculations. With binary options what happens behind is
    that they find somebody else, willing to bet in opposite direction.
    Comodity markets are not same and there is no one market. When you are
    trading online with online broker you are trading on there market not on
    global market (because there is not global FOREX marketplace) but price
    depends on current market situation. Since this market providers know your
    position, they can “fix” market in way that they can take your money and
    they abuse this against you on regular bases.

  2. Binary options works. This guy is try to sell you his link. You type in
    your email address and he’ll email you all kinds of offers plus he probably
    99.9% is getting a kick back from instant payday loans. Not going to leave
    you a link because I’m not trying to sell you on something. All I’m gonna
    say is do your research fokes. I’m making and 700.00 a day from trading. 

  3. I love how these ‘niche’ affiliate marketers bash binary options only to
    push their MLM scam as if the two were actually related.
    Instant payday? LMFAO!!!
    Fuck off, faggot!!

  4. Such Double Standards!!!

  5. is this real ?

  6. is a scam. They will keep taking money from your credit card
    until it is maxed out. When asking for a refund on the unauthorized charges
    they say it will take between 24 and 48 hours and it never get back to the

  7. at the beginning i believed this guy, but as soon as he stated he got a
    link that he recommends, he sounded like a son of a bitch and i gathered he
    is one of those binaty option dealers, fuck u all

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    options trading investment.
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  9. Binary Trading is not easy to use as you think,if you don’t know how to use
    the trends and a very good strategy,Today i can say thank God that i have
    been able to get the best strategy and trends and have taught so many
    individual too,who benefied from the trade teaching others to be
    successful is my joy and happiness.I thank you guy for the gifts of
    appreciation and interviews worldwide .I really appreciate it,thanks to all
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    best strategy

  10. Wow…what a way to get someone to click on your link bro….

  11. I lost $160K in four year trading traditional options. Form Nov 2013, one
    broker introduced me binary and I gave a try. Won some and lost some. Until
    recently, this March 2014, I started to win big. I deposited $500 only,
    now my balance up to $110K. Try to recover my last four years loss in this
    April. I will be a top signal provider next Wen. Currently my winning rate
    is 80% out of 30 trades done last two days.

  12. SUCH A BS GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish we have a way to ban idiots like this one

  13. ive just started binary ive lost 48 pounds. I already feel sick. i don’t
    know how they predict direction in 60 seconds.

  14. Yes it is gambling and the odds are about 75% against you to start. Many of
    these platforms do not go buy the actual up or down of the stock, but you
    win or lose according to a up or down tick on the platform at the moment of
    expire. The stock could be going in your direction, but if it is on an
    opposing tick at the moment of expire, you lose. If you accept the bonus,
    you will lose for sure. Big scammmmm

  15. scam. He is losing money.

  16. yes its gamble if you dont use live chart as a strategy to trade. i dont
    have a problem with binary option trading. i made some money and got the
    money in 3-4 days eventhough i got bonuses from them.Markertsworld is

  17. Hey, I watched the video. But I have some questions. I need a counselor to
    discuss about the real business of Binary Options Pro. Is there any risk in
    the investment? What can make me money with this?

  18. Hello guys,this video is very helpful.Binary Options is really very good
    for make money online.I used this and succeed here..

  19. you know 0 about trading you are 100% retarded lucky enough all of you are
    seeking instant pay day crap and scam ware, trading is work its not for
    n00bs like you with your fantasies. But thanks for the $$$

  20. if i bet and lose then do i get some back?

  21. I am a victim too, google search cititrader shame scam

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