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investing ✔ Another Method to make $600 an hour With Binary Options Trading! A complete Walkthrough: 2014

Another Method to make 0 an hour With Binary Options Trading! A complete Walkthrough:Another Method to make 0 an hour With Binary Options Trading! A complete Walkthrough:

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  1. Jan Erik Kristiansen

    So you can actually make money with this if you play your cards right?

  2. Wait-So although it says “70% Return” and if I invest 10$ expecting to get
    17$ in a win, I only get $12?! Can someone explain why this is?!

  3. your going off what the majority are trading – fact the majority dont make
    money in the market about 20% do, so cant see how this works ,i f your
    going to try this use a demo account and test it full time for a month or
    so you loose nothing.

  4. Javier Yep Garcia

    Hi all, I am a professional trader, I trade binary options since 2003, and
    let me tell you that this video and its strategy is the exact way to follow
    in order to wipe out your account to zero $.

    Wake up! Biinary Options is for real traders only!

  5. this crap doesn’t work, I LOST all my money twice for being a FOOL !

  6. I had to watch this video several times before I fully understood it. I
    applied it to my own trading one day trading about 40 trades and won about
    70% of the time. The thing is that if you lose on the $5 or $10 trade you
    will recoup on the $25 or $100 trade. I made about $60 on the first day and
    about the same on subsequent days trading 40-50 times each day. If I were
    to double or triple my trade amounts I could make a thousand and day. I
    recommend you try this for one day. Just my own opinion.

  7. I agree with Javier. I tried this method a couple of days ago and lost
    $600.00 in 5 minutes…

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  9. Green Room Binary Options

    You have to be careful with these Martingale’s I wouldn’t do it with A
    small account…. But it really works well… come hangout with us in the
    green room sometimes..

  10. Its all food for the gullible! Sick of these chumps robbing good folks of
    all there savings…..

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    income we training and seminars for free contact me dm 

  12. Ahahaha. If you’re watching this video, don’t! Its called a Martingale
    system (which doesn’t work, read about it on Wikipedia or something) with a
    guy who talks a load of total nonsense.

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  14. its all a bunch of bullshit folks to steal your money and for people who
    are gullible enough to believe the fast money are going to regret it.please
    folks stay away from the binary options overseas!!!!!!!

  15. If the $100 dollar trade doesn’t when do you go higher or just start back
    at $5? Of course if you do you lose the 100 plus the previous 5, 10, and
    25. So if the $100 does not win should you place a $270 trade?

  16. Why is everyone bashing his method when he clearly shows you that he made
    more than he lost? It wasn’t much but he did make money and some money is
    better than no money at all. IMO

  17. Use a martingale trading system with a 2 min expiry. Use a simple indicator
    for up or down trend. Profit. It’s that easy. You should have enough in
    your account to be able to trade up to at least 6 losses in a row though.
    But that happens rarely on a 2 min.

  18. can u do a new video with ZT’s current platform?

  19. its all lies folks please do not believe this man he is part of the scheme
    to steal money from people who are gullible enough to believe the bullshit
    scam!you will loose all of your money,sounds good but all the strategys and
    signal is a bunch of crap.if you don’t know about options stay away from
    the overseas binary options it is all your homework study
    hard and find you a legit broker here in the U.S!all that fast money is a
    joke!!!!!!please be smart and be careful!

  20. what broker to use that accepts $100 to open? What brokers are recommended
    that are not scammers?

  21. So then can one trade higher when sufficient profit has been attained? Like
    start playing with a $50 trade instead of a $5 one?

  22. The strategy is not biased to any timeframe – go and look at an an actual
    mt4 chart – the probabilities are all the same and the patterns are all the
    same, they are just scaled differently. This is martingale. Never do it.

  23. You sound like the lizard from geico.

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